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The Official Backyard Hibachi Cookbook

The Official Backyard Hibachi Cookbook

With this Official Backyard Hibachi Cookbook you are the Hibachi King of the neighborhood. It has enough Hibachi recipes to last for a long time.

The Hibachi Cookbook has the Hibachi-Classics like fried rice, Cajun favorites and stir-fry. But also some great brunch recipes.

The Official Backyard Hibachi Cookbook will give you new, fresh and unexpected ideas for you to try. Your backyard is the new place to be, thanks to Katherine and Nic Love.

In Lafayette, Louisiana the Love family runs their own Backyard Hibachi. The authors of the Official Backyard Hibachi Cookbook spent hours on their own Hibachi Grill to come up with great ideas for their book.

It was entertaining as well very enjoyable for their family and friends, and it shows. Now they are able to share the same feeling with all the readers of the Hibachi Cookbook.

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There is almost nothing you can’t do on a Hibachi Grill. If you like to grill, fry, sear, sauté or flambé your meal, the Hibachi Grill is the right choice for you.

The Hibachi Cookbook is a real must-have for everybody who loves the Hibachi Grill.

Use this book to come up with great ideas yourself and share your Hibachi Recipe with all other Hibachi lovers, right here at the Hibachi Grill Store. You can use our contact-page for that, or simply leave a comment below.

Paperback: 78 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (May 6, 2015)
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 7 x 0.2 x 10 inches
Shipping Weight: 7.4 ounces


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Update International – HG-35/CI Cast Iron Hibachi Set


Update International – HG-35/CI Cast Iron Hibachi Set

In some Asian or Chinese restaurants they serve an appetizer assortment, known as a pu pu platter.
In the middle of the pu pu platter stands a grill, 
like this HG-35/CI Cast Iron Hibachi Set for example.

So you can choose your desired appetizer and grill it yourself while waiting for your meal.

The size is just spot on for any 12-inch or 14-inch pu pu platters.

  • made of cast iron
  • portable charcoal Hibachi Grill
  • wooden base to protect your table
  • diameter is 3 1/3 inch
  • height is 4 inch
More information / Buy on Amazon

Made of solid yet smooth cast iron, this Hibachi Set is just perfect for all the appetizers you can think of. Asian inspired or otherwise.

The set, with a beautiful dark-wooden base, includes the fuel holder and a grill.
And is made to last.

Manufacturer: Update International

Product Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 6 inches

Item Weight: 2.25 pounds

Item model number: HG-35/CI


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Kinka – Diatomite Charcoal Hibachi Yakitori Grill BQ-8WF

From small grills to the huge stoves, the grill comes in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Some are large enough to roast meat for 5-7 persons, whereas some are small enough to grill only one hamburger patty.

Regardless of size, if you want a high-end grilling device to enjoy scrumptiously cooked meat, then you must go for the diatomite hibachi grill.

It is not a smoker and not gas-powered.

It is not a electric grill neither includes mechanical parts.

Instead, this Yakitori Grill has a container that holds hot coals and a grill above the stove.

Some of the Diatomite Grills do comes with adjustable vents however.


When it comes to the parts of the grill, it only contains a box that includes a capacity of charcoal. The best thing about this Diatomite Grill from Kinka, is that they offer amazing grilling results.

While using the Diatomite Charcoal Hibachi Yakitori Grill BQ-8WF, you will not need to adjust the flames. It does not contain any dangerous liquid fuels like in other conventional grills.

It also does not include any moving parts that can be broken. And although some wood, any charcoal or other flammable materials can be used, it is best to use binchotan charcoal to get lip-smacking grilled food.

Erik Ramirez, the famous chef who is known for anticuchos, uses a traditional Japanese cooking method.

He employs a Konro, a countertop grill to cook the scrumptious food.

Not to forget, konro grills are made of diatomite.

The chef says that using such a grilling method is methodical and precise and recommends it for everything from skirt steaks and octopus to zucchini and asparagus.

When cooked on the Yakitori Grill, specifically on the diatomite grill, the traditionally grilled food will give you the real grilled-meat experience of Japan.

Diatomite is not a new name when it comes to the charcoal Kinka Bbq.

From small eateries to world-class restaurants, most chefs use diatomite-made grills to make mouthwatering and delicious grilled meals.

Diatomite Grill: the Chefs Recommendation

At present, there is one cooking technique that the world’s best restaurants use- grilling over an open flame.

This cooking tactic continues to be one of the oldest yet popular techniques around the world.

When it comes to authentic grilling pleasure, nothing can beat the Diatomite Grill.

If you are a true avid food-lover, you already know that this Kinka Grill is quite trending among chefs around the world.

So why wait? Order now, and get your Diatomite Grill delivered at your front door.

Order the original Diatomite Charcoal Hibachi Yakitori Grill (BQ-8WF) from Kinka right here:

More information / Buy on Amazon

And Erik Ramirez is not alone in his reverence. The diatomite grill increasingly becomes almost an obsession among the emerging chefs.

Josef Centeno at L.A.’s Orsa & Winston sears the puntarelle wedges on the Yakitori grill. Ramirez says, “When juices and fat from the meat drip onto the binchotan charcoal, it creates a bursting cloud of flavors engulfing the food.

World’s famous chefs believe that the grilling results from this clay hibachi grill distinct from meat cooked on any other heating device. The Diatomite Grill creates a perfect combo of BBQ aroma and even sear.

Ramirez says that there is a delicacy to the Japanese grilling method, and Kinka’s Diatomite Charcoal Hibachi Yakitori Grill (BQ-8WF) is what creates the actual aromatic yet delicious blend of barbecue flavors in grilled meat.


  • Japanese style Yakitori Grill.
  • Portable charcoal Diatomite Hibachi Grill.
  • Original Kinka Konro Yakitori.
  • Approx. 21.3 x 9 x 8 inches.
  • Handmade diatomite kinka bbq grill.
  • Very durable ceramic hibachi.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Less dangerous than conventional Hibachi grills.

What Charcoal Is Used In Diatomite Grill?

Many chefs suggest not using ‘regular’ charcoal in the Diatomite Charcoal Hibachi Yakitori Grill BQ-8WF. Regular charcoals contain hazardous chemicals that can cause some effect on one’s health.

Not only this, modern charcoal produces a lot of unwanted smoke and sometimes destroys the flavor of ‘real-grilled meal’. The professionals do recommend Binchotan, a traditional Japanese charcoal together with the Yakitori Grill.

Known also as ‘white charcoal,’ it is widely used in the traditional Japanese grilling cuisine.

Bichūya Chōzaemon created it from ubame oak, which is now known as the official tree of Wakayama Prefecture.

Kinka’s Diatomite Grill: The Overview

Among all the Hibachi Grills available on the market, the Diatomite Charcoal Hibachi Yakitori Grill (BQ-8WF) by Kinka is the best option.

Kinka – Diatomite Charcoal Hibachi Yakitori Grill BQ-8WF 7

Kinka, the manufacturer of the grill, delivers high-quality grills.

The skilled workers at Kinka utilize their expertise to make the best grills in the world.

However, it is worth mentioning here that this charcoal grill is made of diatomaceous earth.

The workers at Kinka hit each piece with a hammer to ensure the grills do not have any crack within.

These handcrafters use their proficient skills to form a cooking grill meticulously.

Using diatomaceous earth in grills make them incredible heat-resistant, tighter, and stronger.

Kinka diatomite grill comes with a size of 21.3 x 9 x 8 inches.

It allows you to cook a meal for five to seven people at a time.

Kinka – Diatomite Charcoal Hibachi Yakitori Grill BQ-8WF 6

It is portable, easy to clean, and comes with great convenience.

Compared to other BBQ grills, the outside of the grill does not heat up excessively.

That means you can even touch the outside of the grill while grilling.

Kinka – Diatomite Charcoal Hibachi Yakitori Grill BQ-8WF 5

If Binchotan charcoal is used in the grill, it’s emits far-infrared rays and this diatomite grill captures it with heat.

As a result, the stove’s inner wall reddens and leads to faster cooking.

The grills include ventilation windows, which you can use to adjust the heat.

Why choose this Japanese Clay Bbq Grill?

Usually, the dripping juices and hot grease from the grilling meat cause regular burners to deteriorate quickly. This Kinka grill, on the other hand, is made of diatomite that offer excellent heat-resistant.

The Kinka Hibachi Grill is compact- the feature makes it an ideal grill for limited spaces. Other than this, it is very portable and thus, you can take it with you anywhere and enjoy grilling with your friends or family.

Kinka BBQ diatomite charcoal grill comes in different sizes.

Often used, as we told before, together with Binchotan, the Japanese charcoal, which tends to deliver more heat than regular charcoals.

And as the diatomaceous earth used in the Kinka grill can withstand 1,000°C temperature the Binchotan charcoal used in Diatomite Grills burns faster and for longer.

This makes it a highly fuel-efficient Hibachi Grill. As it does not come at higher costs than other modern charcoals.

The Diatomite Charcoal Hibachi Yakitori Grill (BQ-8WF) made by Kinka is the best grill you can get your hands on.

But beware, this Yakitori Grill is not cheap. You will pay the price if you want the most popular Hibachi Grill worldwide.

More information / Buy on Amazon
Kinka – Diatomite Charcoal Hibachi Yakitori Grill BQ-8WF 4

Very highly fuel-efficient If used with Binchotan charcoal.

Very Heat resistant, so saferto use.

It is quite versatile.

Does not contain any small parts that can wear out.

Does not contain moving parts to malfunction.

It is portable.

You can set it at any place.

Kinka – Diatomite Charcoal Hibachi Yakitori Grill BQ-8WF 3

Safety Measures for Using a Diatomite Hibachi Grill

Kinka’s Yakitori Clay Grill is quite expensive relative to other grills, but it is the bang for the buck. Overall, Kinka’s hibachi grill is more safe, convenient, and durable than other conventional hibachi grills.

If you have planned to buy this Diatomite Hibachi Grill, then you should remember some safety measures before using the Kinka BBQ. A well taken care of Hibachi Grill will simply last longer and is safer to use.

Here are 3 tips for when using the Kinka Bbq Diatomite Charcoal Grill:

Place the Grill away from walls.

Make sure to place your Kinka charcoal grill away from any wall.
Remember that almost anything can catch fire.
If you feel the wall or anything else near the grill is getting to warm to touch, move the unit or the object immediately.

Read the Manual.

Always read the manual before using the grill. It only take a minute.
Make sure to follow these instructions properly.
If you have any specific questions, contact Kinka before you use the Diatomite Grill.

Clean the Grill after each use.

Inspect the clay grill before using it; ensure it is in good condition.
And use specific cleaning tools to clean the grill afterward. But be sure it’s cooled down properly!!
After cleaning the grill grates, make sure no bristles or food is still stuck.

More information / Buy on Amazon

More information about Diatomite

Dated back to 20 million years, the creation of diatomite goes back to the Miocene Epoch. At that time, the Sea of Japan was a landlocked body of water. The volcanic activity around the land used to cause thermal springs, making an ideal environment ripe for diatoms growth.

Diatoms, which belong to a large and diverse group of single-celled algae called planktonic, float in the waters of lakes and oceans. Only a few types of diatoms live on the seabed, whereas others drink on the water. Most diatoms are microscopic, but interestingly, a few types are up to 2-mm in length.

The single-celled property makes diatoms unique. They create a silica-composed external wall, called frustules. Not to mention, the cell walls of diatoms have a delicate structure and are very thin. Diatoms live in water less than 30-ft deep, where the sunlight can penetrate through.

They are photosynthetic and require sunlight as a food source. While it is prolific, diatoms produce almost half of the organic mass in the oceans across the world. The small size and abundance of diatoms place them at the bottom of the marine food chain.

The explosive bloom of diatoms diminished water nutrients and blocked the sunlight needed for photosynthesis. As a result, diatoms started to die, yet their remains sink to the seabed. Those remains resulted in another boom, and the cycle continued for years. The repeated cycle of bust formed the abundant layers of diatomaceous earth.

What is Diatomite?

Diatomite is a sedimentary rock comprises of silica. This friable material has low density and high porosity. The crushed or powdered form of diatomite is ‘diatomaceous earth.’ It boasts particle size and has low specific gravity.

All these properties make diatomite a useful as an absorbent, filter media, and a lightweight material for plastics, paints, and rubber.

According to research, the U.S. is the biggest producer and exporter of diatomite. In 2011, the country mined more than 800,000 metric tons of diatomite and exported more than 100,000 metrics tons throughout the world.

Lompoc, the city of California, has the largest deposit of diatomite. In the country, seven different companies produce diatomite at ten separate mining areas in Washington, Oregon, Nevada, and California.

The Uses of Diatomite

The ancient Greeks used the diatomaceous earth to make bricks and blocks. Later in time, it became popular in Europe as in the United States for various industrial uses.

While it is a friable, high porous material, it moves on a conveyor belt through the factory’s long kiln to make it fire-resistant, tighter, and stronger.

A study reveals heating the material improves the absorption properties and surface structure of diatomite greatly.

The heating temperature used is usually lower than 1000 °C. Otherwise, the microporous structure of the material will change. The modified diatomite contains the properties of high porosity and moderate surface roughness.

Some factories in Japan utilized this material to produce charcoal burners. In addition, the filtration markets of the U.S. consumed 67 percent of diatomite mined in 2011. You can use Diatomite as a non-toxic insecticide to kill pests, especially bed bugs.

The material is part of the production of matches. Diatomite provides friction so that the matchstick can ignite, whereas it also slows the speed of ignition to allow the stick to combust.

The insulating properties and excellent absorbency of diatomite make it an ideal material for making heat-resistant bricks, filters, and of course Hibachi Grills.

More information / Buy on Amazon

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Marsh Allen – 30052AMZ Cast Iron Hibachi Charcoal Grill


Hibachi Grills are surging into popularity; from small eateries to famous restaurants, many chefs have adopted the traditional Japanese grilling method.

When searching for a portable and small hibachi grill, there will be plenty of options available on the market.

Most interestingly, you will find some amazing grilling choices at an affordable price point.

Although grills serve the same purpose, you must choose one that is worth your money.

Marsh Allen Hibachi Grill

The Marsh Allen 30052AMZ Cast Iron Hibachi Grill is the best grill to give a bang for your buck.

Marsh Allen – 30052AMZ Cast-Iron Hibachi Grill: The Overview

The Marsh Allen 30052 Hibachi Grill comes with a cooking surface of 157 sq. in., which is enough to cook two pieces of meat at a time.

The temperature vents on both sides of the grill allow great airflow and control charcoal combustion.

This grill has wooden handles to make handling easier for you.

Marsh Allen 30052AMZ 2

You can adjust the height of cooking grids to cook according to your requirements.

It comes with a variety of settings that certainly makes for an ‘out of this world’ grilling experience.

Best of all, you can get the Marsh Allen 30052AMZ cast-iron grill at quite an affordable price.

More information / Buy on Amazon

Great features of the Marsh Allen-30053 AMZ Cast-Iron Hibachi Grill

The manufacturer used cast iron as the basic material of the grill.

Cast-iron retains extreme amounts of heat, but pure cast iron is usually corrosive.

Therefore, they coat the grates on this grill with enamel and porcelain, making it rust-resistant.

The coating on the metal grates makes the grill easier to clean.

  • Constructed with extremely durable material; cast iron
  • Comes with three adjustable cooking grids
  • Features 157 sq. inch cooking surface
  • Boasts two air vents that control charcoal combustion
  • Features wooden handles
  • Offers a variety of grilling settings
  • A portable grilling station.
  • Comes at quite affordable rate
  • Features simple tabletop design
  • Perfect for outdoor use

The Manufacturer of the 30053 AMZ Grill

You may already know that ‘Marsh Allen’ is a manufacturer of this hibachi grill.

However, you will not find much information related to the manufacturer on the internet.

Very limited sources have briefly discussed the manufacturers of this grill.

According to those sources, Alan P. Bedol used to supply souvenir trays for presidential balls for many years.

He had a family business named ‘Marsh Allan Industries’ that constructed and provided bar stools and barbecue grills.

The other products include patio tables and patio tables.

In 1989, the Bedols sold the marsh Allen company to Ed Crawford of Kay Home Products.

Kay Home Products offers a diversified range of products for outdoor enjoyment.

The company provides a complete variety of Marsh Allan and Vortex barbecue grills available in different models.

Why is it one of the most popular Hibachi Grills?

Inherited from Japanese culture and tradition, hibachi grills have become widespread across the country.

However, you may think about what makes this grill stand out from other griddles.

The main feature that sets it apart from other grilling options is its unique size.


It is smaller than other regular grills yet serves the function well.

Moreover, this Japanese grill heats up easily and is likely to retain heat for longer, since it uses cast-iron’.

The unique properties of this metal allow the grill to retain high heat for hours.

This grill does not contain lids, making it a great grilling option that allows high-heat cooking over direct heat.


Although the grill is cast iron-based, it is not heavy, and you can move it around easily.

Marsh Allen makes their unique Hibachi Charcoal Grill using top-quality materials so it boasts an impressive design.

The manufacturer uses cast iron to build cooking surfaces, which is a perfect material to retain and transfer heat fast.

For small portable grills like Marsh Allen, cast iron is an excellent material to use.

The grill allows you to cook authentic Japanese cuisine.

The best thing is you can season its cooking surface with oil to have a non-stick coating.

Marsh Allen grill does not come with any flimsy parts; instead, it is made from topnotch material.

The portability, sturdy construction, and high heat-retaining efficiency make the Marsh Allen cast iron grill one of the most fun grills.


Now you can prepare restaurant-like delicious hibachi food at your home with this grill.

The Pros and Cons of the Marsh Allen Hibachi Grill

When it comes to the design and quality of this grill, no other option with the same price point can beat the Marsh Allen Hibachi Grill.

The impressive design and topnotch quality of the grill have made it quite a popular choice among grilling enthusiasts.

It comes with an effective grid-level system so you have more control over your grilling.

Small features like charcoal vents and wooden handles make it more versatile.

Since it uses cast iron, this grill can last you for years.

Moreover, its lightweight build and portability allow you to move it anywhere you want.

Well, there are some drawbacks to these grills.


Marsh Allen Hibachi is portable and small, but you must consider some features if you want to purchase it for camping and fishing.

It is a charcoal grill and, therefore, would not be ideal for use on a boat as it can lead to a fire.

The grill does not include a lid, so it is more suitable for use at home.

It will be less convenient to cook without a cover at windy picnics.

You will not get a sizzling sound that tender, juicy piece of meat makes while grilling on Marsh Allen unit.

In addition, you will not get the dark sear marks.

Further, this grill can be put together in a not solid way.

But in all fairness, this grill do give you a real experience of traditional Japanese hibachi food and the mouthwatering blend of flavors.

And the undeniable and impressive features of this grill outweigh the drawbacks.

So, if you want a small, affordable and portable hibachi grill, this Marsh Allen grilling station is your best choice.

The Cooking Experience on Marsh Allen Hibachi Grill

It is a perfect unit for Japanese style grilling, but you can cook anything you like.

On this hibachi grill, you can cook bone-in chicken cuts, sausages, burgers, steaks, and even a flatbread.

However, it is not suitable for ‘American-style grilling,’ as it does not come with a hood.

It features adjustable cooking grids,  which gives you control overcooking.

Overall, it is a small portable grill that comes with attractive features.

More information / Buy on Amazon

Why Choose the Marsh Allen Cast-iron Grill?

It features a rustic design and boasts high-quality materials.

This cast iron hibachi uses thick and topnotch quality cast-iron boxes and grates.

The appealing aesthetics and extreme durability of Marsh Allen cast-iron hibachi grill make it a great grilling option.

Its dimensions are 10.65 inches high, 18.75 inches wide, and 3.4 inches deep.

This cast-iron grill weighs 17.6 pounds, which is quite heavier than most portable grills.

However, you can easily carry it along, no matter where you go.

This cast-iron hibachi grill only takes 15-20 minutes to assemble.

You will need to screw in the bottom and top grates.

This grill provides you with two cooking options.

You can directly grill the food by using the bottom grate.

Other than this, you can also use 3 tier adjustable grates to grill your food.

Not to mention, both grates are made with cast-iron and distributes heat excellently.

You can use bottom grates to sear the burgers, meats, and steaks.

However, it is best to use the top two level of grates for cooking foods like hotdogs and vegetables, particularly the food that require less heat.

The grates of this grill come with porcelain-enamel coating, which allows you to clean the stuck debris easily.

Nevertheless, the grease and debris that drips down into the box will be hard to clean.

The wooden handles featured in the grill are heatproof, which allows you to move the grates around during cooking over the flame.

When it comes to grilling time, this Marsh Allen cast-iron grill will take a while to warm up.

You can grill at up to 500 degrees.

It features vents that allow good airflow, allowing you to change the temperature perfectly, according to your requirements.

Hibachi Grill

Useful Tips for Using Marsh Allen-30053AMZ

If you have planned to buy Marsh Allen's cast-iron grill, then it is essential to know some using and cleaning tips before using this awesome grill.

Here are some usage and cleaning tips that will help you get the most out of it:

  • Let the grill heat up for 10-15 minutes so that it disperses heat well.
  • Place some aluminium voil at the bottom of your grill, underneath the charcoal, for easy clean up afterwards.
  • It will allow you to sear the meat, giving the food perfect crusting at high temperatures. It is better to sear at the beginning of the end.
  • Once your grill cools down, clean it immediately, and do not leave it as is.
  • Use charcoal instead of wood pieces, as it will give you a perfect taste of traditional Japanese hibachi food.
  • To obtain a hotter fire, open the air vents given on the grill.

Why Chefs Recommend Marsh Allen Cast Iron Hibachi Grill

If you survey the market to find a top-quality grill, you will discover grilling units made using different materials.

From stainless steel to aluminum to clay, manufacturers use different stuff for their construction.

Although all the materials incredibly serve their features, grills made from cast iron are popular to provide tremendous results in cooking.

When it comes to a cast iron grill, its undeniable cooking features have earned it a valued place in famous restaurants.


Invented centuries ago, cast iron cookware became a preferred choice for many chefs over modern grills.

Chefs like Christopher Kostow, Josef Centeno, and Erik Ramirez use the hibachi grill to bring the traditional Japanese taste to the food.

Marsh Allen grilling station has become an obsession among emerging chefs.

The evenly sear and smoky flavor of the meat surely satiate taste buds.

Moreover, Joseph Sidi at Sakura restaurant prepares a different variety of hibachi food using a hibachi grill.

More information / Buy on Amazon
Binchotan Charcoal

What Fuel Source to Use in the Grill

Depending on the availability and convenience, people use different sources of fuel to ignite the grill.

While you can use wood pieces and charcoal to heat your cast iron grill, it is best to add traditional Japanese charcoal in Marsh Allen grill.

Regular charcoal contains dangerous chemicals and can affect your health drastically.

Therefore, chefs recommend using Binchotan with cast iron hibachi grill to get the actual aroma of Hibachi food.

Wrapping it Up

If you have ever dived into the world of Hibachi grills, you may have learned there are endless options available.

Each grill comes with its unique features, advantages, and drawbacks in terms of material, price, size, fuel source, and quality.

Among them, Marsh Allen Hibachi Grill is one of the excellent options you must go for.

Available at quite an affordable price, this grill provides you with an outstanding range of features.

Although it is a portable station, the manufacturer created enough cooking space to serve the purpose well.

The cast iron makes the marsh Allen grill reliable and durable.

If you want an inexpensive hibachi grill that offers extreme durability, increased longevity, and high heat efficiency, then Marsh Allen 30052AMZ is a perfect option for you.

We like to do our research in a good manner before we write about our Hibachi Grills.

For the most part we know our stuff, for the rest we did read a lot.

Here are our sources for everything we did not yet knew, about the Marsh Allen Charcoal Hibachi Grill:

More information / Buy on Amazon

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