Backyard Hibachi - Portable Outdoor Hibachi Grill 1

Backyard Hibachi – Portable Outdoor Hibachi Grill

Show your inner chef skills with this portable outdoor Backyard Hibachi Grill! You bring all the fun and good stuff from any Teppanyaki/Hibachi restaurant right in your own backyard. Entertain your family, friends and neighbors while grilling delicious foods and meat.

This Freestanding Propane Gas Grill makes every backyard the place to be, thanks to its good looks and even better performance. The adjustable gas burner delivers direct heat in a perfect way. So you can make everybody happy each and every time with your stunning meat, vegetables, eggs, juicy steaks, pancakes, etc.

Order the hardcover top for perfect protection of the grilling surface. And it instantly becomes a great outdoor table or bar.

  • Furniture grade finish on the wooden top.
  • Liquid Propane adjustable burner with auto spark function.
  • You can clean the removable steel drip pan in the dishwasher.
  • Pre-seasoned cooktop is made from thick steel.
  • Cooks like a cast iron skillet.
  • American Made.
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The solid wood construction, with a superb gloss finish, combined with the high-quality commercial steel grilling surface, makes this Backyard Hibachi Grill something to last a long time.

For your convenience, we made the removable waste tray dishwasher proof, so cleaning is easy-peasy.

The spark ignition is great for lighting the burner in a safe way. The Freestanding Propane Gas Grill comes with big wheels for simple transport and, at the same time, solid support while using the Hibachi Grill.

Become the most popular neighbor for sure with the Backyard Hibachi Portable Outdoor Hibachi Grill.

Manufacturer: Backyard Hibachi
Product Dimensions: 58 x 36 x 41 inches
Item Weight: 100 pounds


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