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What does Hibachi mean?2019-01-06T13:46:17+00:00

Literally, Hibachi is Japanese for ”fire bowl” or “Brazier” which is a portable heater, a bit similar to a small barbecue, for holding burning coals for heat or to cook on.

How hot is a Hibachi Grill?2019-01-06T14:19:21+00:00

It depends on what kind of grill you thinking about. Do you mean an electrical or charcoal Hibachi Grill?
As an electric grill can get about 400 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on which brand and/or type you have.
With some proper preparation, a charcoal Hibachi Grill can reach all the way up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit.

Hibachi Grill prices.2019-01-06T15:19:03+00:00

We do get a lot of questions about the prices of our Hibachi Grills. And many people are very surprised when they realize how friendly the prices are when buying a Hibachi Grill for home. Of course, it all depends on which Hibachi Grill you prefer and how you want to use it, but there surely is a perfect Hibachi Grill for everybody.

Here is a small list for you, so you have an idea about some Hibachi Grill prices:
– The least costly one we have in our shop is the very popular Marsh Allen 30052AMZ, which is currently around $29.99
– For one of the most highly rated Hibachi Grills, the Lodge L410, you pay around $85.55 at the moment.
– The price for the grill many Chefs are using, the Kinka BQ-8WF diatomite charcoal Hibachi Grill, is $466.00 right now.
– The most costly must be the awesome 
Backyard Hibachi Portable Outdoor Grill with his price tag of $1,155.00
A lot of dollars for sure, but you’ll get great value for your money. Just take a look and you will see.

Please keep in mind these prices changes a lot all the time, so forgive us when it’s not accurate anymore. Still, it will give you a good general idea.

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