Gourmia GEG1800 – Electric Hibachi Indoor Grill

Do you enjoy the pleasure of a perfectly grilled steak?
Want to see some grilling magic?

Avoid all charcoal trouble with this awesome electric Hibachi Indoor Grill!
Designed to grill exactly as you like it, each and every time.

It’s easy thanks to its unique digital cooker features like temperature control, digital interface, the large grill section, and its flat griddle area.

Prepare some bacon and eggs very quickly. Or use the great surface for your complete meat and vegetable dinner.

All the accessories are simple to remove for easy cleaning.

Let’s fire this electric Hibachi Indoor Grill up!

– GRILL AND GRIDDLE IN ONE: The electric Hibachi Indoor Grill Table style has it all-in-1. From frying eggs till grilling steak. Use it from breakfast till dinnertime and everything in between.

– WIDE GRILLING SPACE: Take advantage of the wide grilling space for more food preparation at once. There are 2 separated grilling textures on this electric hibachi grill (flat and ribbed) for more grilling variation.

– DIGITAL CONTROLS: Thanks to the easily controllable LCD panel (with 5 temperature settings) you will get a perfect meal every time.

– EASY CLEAN UP: The electric Hibachi Indoor Grill is very easy to disassemble. That way you can clean the grill the proper way for longer use. All electronic parts are fully removable.

– ETL LISTED: This high-quality electric Indoor Grill is ETL certified. As we take safety and quality very seriously. The only thing left to do is concentrate on your cooking and grilling.

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Grill & Griddle In One
This all-in-1 friend in the kitchen will cover you from breakfast till dinner.
From eggs till steak and everything in between.

Wide Grilling Space
With this electric Hibachi Indoor Grill table-style you will enjoy the wide grilling space for sure. The 2 separate grilling spaces will give you mare grilling varieties.

Digital Controls
Our digital control-panel will ensure perfect meals every time. Thanks to the 5 temperature control settings.

Easy Clean-Up
As this electric Hibachi Indoor Grill is built in such a way you can easily disassemble all the parts for good and easy cleaning. Wash the non-stick grill for longer grilling pleasure.

An Ideal Design
Thanks to the perfect grill-size and flat griddle area you will enjoy your indoor grilling every time. This electric Hibachi Grill multitask kitchen machine delivers great main courses and awesome side dishes at exactly the same time.


Manufacturer: Gourmia
Product Dimensions: 19.8 x 11.2 x 3 inches
Item Weight: 8 pounds
Material: Steel
Color: Black

Download here the Users Manual (PDF) of the Gourmia GEG1800 Electric Hibachi Indoor Grill.

Download here great recipes (PDF) you can make on the Gourmia GEG1800 Electric Hibachi Indoor Grill.

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