Marsh Allen – 30052AMZ Cast Iron Hibachi Charcoal Grill

If you are looking around for a Hibachi Grill you will notice there are a lot of grills to choose from.

Electrical ones, on gas, grilling stones, made from cast-iron, very expensive ones, and great value for your money ones for example.

The Marsh Allen 30052AMZ Cast Iron Hibachi Grill is in that last category.

It is one of the most popular cast iron Hibachi Grills as it is great fun using it for a very, very reasonable price.

  • portable charcoal Hibachi Grill
  • made of sturdy and durable cast iron
  • tabletop design for charcoal grilling
  • two height adjustable grids
  • 3 heights-positions for every grid
  • grids have wooden grips
  • 2 adjustable air vents for perfect heat control
  • total of 157 square inch grilling surface
  • grill with wooden handles to protect your hands
  • each grid is 9 by 8 inch
  • each grid is curved to keep your meat in place
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The Marsh Allen will not be perfect for every grilling enthusiast, but if you are looking for a good Hibachi Grill to put food on the table up to 4 persons quickly, the 30052AMZ will do the trick for you for sure. It’s one of the most popular cast iron hibachi grill for sale.

That being said, if you take your time, more people can enjoy this Hibachi Grill too. And it will grill all your favorites like fish, meat, steak, hamburgers, vegetables, etc, etc.

The two individual grids are a great feature of the Marsh Allen 30052AMZ grill. This way you have two separate grills each with their own grilling height.
You can adjust the distance between the grid and the charcoal separately, depending on what you have cooking on the grid.

Besides that, this portable, cast iron, charcoal Marsh Allen Grill comes with separate air vents. This will help you with controlling the heat of the charcoal perfectly on each side.

It’s a portable Grill by means of its size and weight. You can easily store the Marsh Allen anywhere. And with the proper care you will enjoy the Marsh Allen 30052AMZ Cast Iron Hibachi Grill for many, many years to come.

Don’t leave the grill outside as cast iron is porous and will eventually rust in the rain.

Seasoning the grids with olive or vegetable oil will give them a good coating to avoid any food sticking to them.

Manufacturer: Marsh Allen
Product Dimensions: 3.4 x 10 x 18 inches
Item Weight: 18 pounds
Material: Cast Iron
Color: Black

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