Cooking over fire and grill is the oldest method for preparing food.

Nowadays, it’s a popular cooking method for getting an amazing taste, but ancient civilizations did not know that they were barbecuing or grilling their food.

As of today, barbecue and grill are the most popular methods in many culinary cultures.

Hibachi grill originates from Japanese culinary culture. The Hibachi styled grill was simple to use, easy to carry, and inexpensive.


The term ‘Hibachi’ translates to a fire bowl as the fire inside the grill is utilized for cooking meat and vegetables.

As you are reading this, you would know how modern grills have evolved the idea of Japanese Hibachi style cooking to provide the same great taste of grill with convenience.

Gourmia GEG1800 Hibachi Indoor Grill combines the Hibachi style of cooking and digital cooker features to give you an ultimate grill so that you can grill or cook foods with ease.

About Gourmia Company

The Gourmia GEG1800 Hibachi Indoor Grill is one of the top-selling products from Gourmia Company.

The Gourmia Company takes pride in manufacturing cookware that makes daily cooking easier for everyone.

Their products feature quality, innovation, performance, and value.

Gourmia aims to bring gourmet chef techniques to cookware and other products.

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Gourmia is a Brooklyn based company that provides cooking tools and equipment for a healthy lifestyle.

The manufacturers have decades of experience in producing great small kitchen appliances.

The founders of Gourmia know that home cooks are after something that is dependable, gives ease of use, and helps to make a healthy meal.

They have a wide variety of kitchen equipment, and cookwares ranging from sous vide immersion cookers to multi-purpose cookers and juicers.

The Gourmia Company attracts its customers by providing cooking options that don’t require users to spend hours in the kitchen, preparing fresh and healthy meals.

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Specs and Features

The Gourmia GEG1800 Hibachi is designed to cater to all your grilling needs.

It has everything you could ever ask for in an Electric Tabletop Grill.

It gives the great taste of Hibachi grill-style cooking with the ease of digital appliances.

From great convenience to quality of cooking features, Gourmia GEG1800 Hibachi has nothing short of all characteristics of an electric grill.

Here are some of the features in this amazing electric Hibachi Grill:

  • The dimensions are 19.8 X 11.2 X 3 inch
  • Weighs 8 pounds
  • Grill and griddle in one
  • Has a grease drip tray
  • The material is of stainless steel
  • Available in black color
  • 2-surfaced grill and girdle (flat and ribbed)
  • 2/3 of ribbed grill surface and 1/3 of flat surface
  • LCD control panel with five temperature options
  • Easy temperature regulation
  • Aluminum covered heater in the bottom
  • Easy to wash
  • Has a power of 120volts, 1120 watts and 60 hertz
  • ETL listed

Why should you use the Gourmia GEG1800 Hibachi Indoor Grill?

Barbecuing food is always great fun. When you have a barbecue with your family or friends, you get to spend some enjoyable time with them and get yummy food at the end.

However, grilling and barbecuing outdoors has always been a hassle.

It takes half an hour or even more for the coals to heat up, and they usually end up giving out a lot of smoke, which makes you cough.

Moreover, windy weather can hinder your plans to have a barbeque.


With Gourmia GEG1800 Electronic Indoor Hibachi Grill, you face none of these problems.

Gourmia GEG1800 has great quality and features to cater to all your grilling and cooking needs.

While there are many electronic grills out there in the market, let us tell you why the Gourmia GEG1800 Electronic Hibachi Grill should be your pick.

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13 legit reasons why the Gourmia GEG1800
Electronic Hibachi Grill should be your pick:

1. No Hassle and Mess of Heating Charcoal

The Gourmia GEG1800 is a special electric indoor grill manufactured to do grilling and barbeque with ease.

Unlike most Hibachi grills, you do not have to shove in and light up any charcoal pieces.

This saves a lot of time in preheating and prepping the meal so that you get to enjoy with your friends and family as you are done with cooking in a quicker time.

Make barbecue in no time and relax as there isn’t much prep work to do.

All you need to do is pre-heat the grill five to ten minutes prior to cooking. Gourmia GEG1800 is also best for sudden plans.

Want to have a quick barbecue with your friends? Just turn on the Gourmia GEG1800 Hibachi Grill and preheat it while you are cutting the meat or vegetables.

2. No Assembly

The Gourmia GEG1800 is a simple and lightweight electronic grill.

There is no hassle of assembling the grill with fancy hardware or any types of nuts, bolts, or screws.

All you need to do is take the electronic grill out of its box and pre-heat to the desired temperature.

With no assembly feature, this grill is one of the top-most convenient and easy to use Hibachi styled cookware.


3. Durability

As certified by ETL, the grill comprises a strong stainless material that does not get rugged or wear off after several uses.

The grill and girdle surface and electronic parts are made up of quality materials and so are very durable.

As long as you properly clean and maintain the grill, it is guaranteed to last longer.

4. Portability

Among the great features of Gourmia GEG1800 comes its portability.

The electronic grill is lightweight as it only weighs 8 pounds.

It is not only fit for indoor cooking but you can also take it camping or to a picnic.

Instead of taking a pot or pan with a separate grill and charcoal, you can just take an electronic grill, which would save a lot of space.


5. Two-surfaced grill

Gourmia GEG1800 Electronic grill has one great feature that makes it stand out among the other grills.

Unlike most grills, its cooking surface has both grill and griddle.

The flat griddle surface lets you grill or cook vegetable slices, fry eggs, bacon, sausages, sandwiches, and cook foods that require a flat surface.

Within the same cooking surface, you also get a ribbed surface with holes to make the perfect steak, kebabs or cook anything on skewers.

You are free to choose which side to use for cooking your meal. The double surface (flat and ribbed) allows you to cook multiple things at the same time, saving your time and effort.

6. Grease Drip Tray

Another unique feature of the Gourmia GEG1800 is that it contains a grease drip tray beneath the grill.

Food on a grill may get oily at times, and the greasiness makes food unhealthy and less appealing.

But thanks to the grease drip tray beneath the grill of Gourmia GEG1800, you can enjoy healthy and delicious food that has the least amount of oil in it.

Instead of oil and grease accumulating on the surface of the food cooked on a grill, it drips on the tray.

You just have to slide the tray out of the grill when you are done cooking and wash it.

7. Multipurpose

When you see the word ‘grill’ with Gourmia GEG1800, you think of grilling steaks, chicken breasts, or fillets.

This electronic grill is perfect for grilling and barbecuing foods, but it can do a lot more than that.

You can cook almost anything on the Gourmia GEG1800 Electric Tabletop Grill.

You can use this simple indoor electronic grill for cooking chicken, seafood, meat pancakes, eggs, and so much more.

The Gourmia GEG1800 grill helps you make delicious, healthy, and fresh breakfast, lunch and dinner.

8. Keeps the Food Warm

Gourmia GEG1800 is not only useful for cooking and grilling. You can also use it to heat foods.

If your microwave is not working or you are out camping with this electronic grill, use it to heat food as well.

Simply choose a medium temperature option and place the food on the girdle (flat surface), which you want to heat.

9. Wide Grilling Space

As there are two different surfaces for cooking food, Gourmia GEG1800 provides a wide space.

This is a great feature when you have to cook steak, fry eggs, and grill buns for a burger at the same time.

With a wide grilling space, this electronic grill gives you more variety in your grilling style.

10. Digital Control and Temperature Regulation

The LCD digital control panel right on the front of the electronic grill is one of its main features.

The LCD control panel is also detachable so that you can easily wash the grill after use.

With just a click of a button, you can preheat the grill at the desired temperature.

There are 5 choices of temperatures up to 500’F. There is also a timer setting of up to 60 minutes to help you cook in the given time.


11. Easy to Wash

Gourmia GEG1800 provides ease in every possible manner.

From the portability to cooking and to maintenance and washing, Gourmia GEG1800 is very convenient for cooking.

The grill and girdle surface is smooth, non-stick and made of top-grade stainless steel so that no food or oil sticks to the surface, making the appliance easy to wash.

In addition, all the electronics are removable, so the machine disassembles in no time.

This way, you can wash it well without damaging any parts.

12. ETL Certified

With an ETL certification, Gourmia ensures that all their products are safe, high in quality, and efficient to use.

As long as you follow the instruction manual carefully, there are no risk hazards with Gourmia GEG1800.

13. Price

Electronic grills delivers you the ease of grilling and cooking with two surfaces and other unique features.

Nowadays they are available at a varying price range in the market.

Some cost as much as $180-$200 while some of the lowest ones cost between $30 and $50.

Gourmia GEG1800 Electronic Hibachi isn’t an overpriced product that makes you regret your decision.

Nor is it a cheap model that looks like it will provide great value but wears out after several uses.

The Gourmia GEG1800 Electronic Indoor Hibachi Grill is always available at a great price in the market.

In short, Gourmia GEG1800 is the perfect electronic grill for value. Please check te button below for the actual price.

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  • Advantage of grill and girdle in one appliance
  • An LCD control panel gives better regulation of temperature
  • Timer option
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Does not require any assembly
  • Multipurpose- cooking grilling, and heating


  • Not suited for slow cooking and large pieces of meat
  • The instruction manual is not detailed. However, the manufacturer’s website has a detailed video about using the grill.
  • Does not hold heat for long

How to Use Gourmia GEG1800 Hibachi Indoor Grill

The Gourmia GEG1800 Electronic Hibachi Indoor Grill is very easy to use.

As it requires no assembly, you can use it effortlessly straight out of the box. Here is how to use the Gourmia GEG1800 Electronic Hibachi Indoor Grill.

Firstly, you need to preheat the grill.

There is a digital LCD control panel in front of the grill. Set the variable temperature according to your requirement, ten to fifteen minutes prior to the cooking time.

Most kinds of meat and vegetables can cook and grill perfectly at 430-450 Fahrenheit so you can safely cook within this range.

Grease the cooking surface with your choice of oil. Place meat, vegetables, or whatever you want to cook on the girdle or grill.

It is better to put things like steak, wings , corn on the cob or anything on skewers on the grill side(ribbed side) and thinly sliced vegetables on the girdle (flat side).

If you are frying eggs or making pancakes, always use the flat surface.

When you are done cooking, turn the grill off and pull out the digital control panel.

Remove the grease drip tray carefully beneath the grill and take out the grill surface as well.

Wash the grill, girdle surface, and grease tray gently and properly.

Ensure that all parts are dry before you store them.

Gourmia GEG1800 A

Wrapping Up

An electronic Hibachi Grill is a modern grill to cook and barbeque foods without having to put up with smoke, long cooking time, and mess.

Gourmia GEG1800 Electronic Indoor Grill is great for making fresh and healthy meals in no time.

This grill is very easy and convenient to use and maintain.

It is reasonable, reliable, and durable for everyday cooking.

It has two wide cooking surfaces: grill and girdle for multipurpose cooking.

It has an ideal design and construction to fulfill your cooking and grilling need, anywhere, at any time.

Gourmia GEG1800 B
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