Kinka – BBQ Diatomite Charcoal Yakitori Grill BQ-8WF

Of all Hibachi Grills available nowadays, the Diatomite Charcoal Hibachi Yakitori Grill (BQ-8WF) made by Kinka, must be the most original one.

Hibachi means Fire Bowl in Japanese. And this Kinka Yakitori Grill is hand made from diatomite clay, from the mines in northern Japan.

All these Konro diatomite grills are made on site near the mine. Totally by hand, one by one.

These clay yakitori grills are then baked for hours and hours at 1,000°C to make them even stronger. So if they can stand that abuse without any cracking, you can be assured they will stand firm during your grilling sessions too.

  • Japanese style Yakitori Grill
  • portable charcoal Diatomite Hibachi Grill
  • original Kinka Konro Yakitori
  • approx. 21.3 x 9 x 8 inches
  • handmade diatomite kinka bbq grill
  • very durable ceramic hibachi
  • easy to clean
  • More save than conventional Hibachi grills
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Diatomite is surely a special material to work with. As it has huge insulating and absorbency properties it is used for many, many applications.

Like heat-resistant bricks, in filters, or as an almost perfect hibachi grill, like this ceramic Hibachi Yakitori Grill.

These are strong, solid and durable, yet very compact and simple to use.

Thanks to the great heat-insulation properties all heat is reflected back inside. So your charcoal will start to burn quicker and lasts longer.

The heat inside the diatomite yakitori grill is easily adjustable by using the ventilation windows on the side.

And however this Kinka bbq diatomite charcoal grill is much, much cooler on the outside as other hibachi grills, it would be wise to put something heat-resistant underneath the diatomite grill during grilling. Just in case.

Loved by many, used by only a few. As this Kinka Hibachi Yakitori Grill is far from cheap. Many chefs around the world have a Kinka bbq in their kitchen. And that says something.

If you just start to grill on Hibachi Grills, we suggest the Marsh Allen or the Lodge.

But if you consider yourself a Grill Master, and never has tried the Kinka bbq diatomite charcoal yakitori grill before, this is your chance.

Tips and tricks:

– always use charcoal Hibachi Grills in properly ventilated areas, as charcoal produces Carbon Monoxide.
– use a wooden or brick base to protect your table surface.
– this Kinka bbq Diatomite charcoal grill is made of clay. After heavy usage, it is possible you may see some hairline fractures. But don’t you worry about it, as you can still use and enjoy your Kinka Grill for years to come.

Manufacturer: Kinka
Product Dimensions: 24 x 11.5 x 10 inches
Item Weight: 27.1 pounds
Item model number: BQ-8WF

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